He who understands music understands the cosmos.
— Kemetic Proverb

The Indie Soul Collective called #Virgo (Hashtag Virgo) lives among the stars and travels the ether, with soulful vibrations.

Their original music brand is one of many moons,  cosmic energy and a love for the arts and humanity. 



Ali - on the Drums

Ali Jamal Boyd, the Ankh bearer, son of the southern warm, bred to be King.  He honors his ancestors and embraces the challenges of life and learns from the best teacher – experience.  His drumming is from the heart, for there is no other way.  He is a Renaissance Warrior whose love for his people and humanity transcends through the rhythmic heartbeat of the Ngoma and the courage of Akofena.

Ali Jamal hails from the ancient city of Memphis, where counterfeit kings’ rise and hallowed Kings died.  Moving to the crooked letter, to the town of Medgar, deep blues, and Sonic Booms, he was groomed into a true musician.  He began to understand the endurance and passion it takes to truly embrace the lifestyle of an artist.  In Mississippi, he was drummer for Uzoma Reggae Band and co-founded the funk and neo-soul collective Fuzion.  His journey to Ohio was one of love and chance.  He became Baba to Kali Mariah and serves the community as an information specialist and activist.  He joined the ranks of Afrikan vibrations with Umojah Nation Reggae Band and recorded as the drummer and percussionist on the group’s 2015 album Smoke Screen.   He then solidified his stance as a truth seeker/knowledge keeper serving as the djembe drummer for the Griot Project Poets and Passport Project African Drum and Dance Troupe and percussionist for Fiscal Spliff funk and afrobeat collective.  He then returned to the kit with Intercourse the Collective, Sausalito Jazz Quartet, Timbara, and now #Virgo (Hashtag Virgo).  Ali strives to grace the stages of all four corners of the earth – then to the heavens and beyond.   


Clover - on the Mic

Heather “Clover” Clayton Terry sings from the soul.  Her rich voice and nurturing spirit brings out the strength to face daily challenges.  She allows her art to be a blessing, a healer in the face of the difficulties of the world.  She is a counselor of many.

Clover is an internationally acclaimed vocalist and a published ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) writer.  From the spring of 1999 to January 2012, Clover was the lead vocalist for Amraah 8.  Her works have been featured in more than 12 international compilation albums with major recordings through Swedish Brandy Productions (Stockholm, Sweden), The Dining Rooms (Milan, Italy), & Sonar Kollektiv (Berlin, Germany).  Her most highly acclaimed work was featured in the album, “Deyampert.”  She wrote and sang the lead track for the album entitled, “Held Him First” through the Sonar Kollektiv ‎label in November 2003.  Her voice is described as sensual and her words are described as prolific. In 2016, she joined the methodical group known as, “#Virgo,” in an effort to bring deep, soulful rhythm, filled with lush soundscapes, and ambient interludes to the Cleveland scene.  Clover strives to combine her experiences and her talents to leave a legacy for the world. 

Junior - on the Bass

Wulfgar Von Darkenwald, Jr. began his foray into musicianship as a guitarist in his thirties after having been a lifetime student of the art form.  Junior possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of artists and their music that could rival even that of Roots drummer Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson.  

This passion has not only aided in his accelerated advancement as a bass player but also has proven advantageous to those other musicians in which he has had the good fortune to play along with; such artists as Operations, The Collective, Vince Robinson & the Jazz Poets, Neil Chastain Trio, Fresh Produce, Velvet Voyage, the seminal reggae band Umojah Nation to name but a few. The turning point in the early career of this musician came when a chance encounter and conversation with Grammy award-winning artist Esperanza Spalding convinced him that the bass was his calling. Being eternally grateful for Ms. Spalding’s advice, he has since honored her by naming his Fender Jazz Bass after her while dedicating his playing and efforts to that of his late mother, Karen Darkenwald, and late son, Wulfgar Darkenwald III. Currently, Wulfgar “Junior” Darkenwald is a member of the avant garde band #Virgo (Hashtag Virgo) in the role as bassist that has taken up the reins of moving music to its next evolution; that rarified air of timelessness in the stratosphere of excellence as a testament of their legacy.